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Gift Ideas for a Green Valentine’s Day

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It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for that perfect person in your life. These environmentally friendly gift ideas will win your Valentine’s heart and show the earth some love while you’re at it.

1. Dine in
It’s okay to ditch the fancy restaurant, cheesy chocolates, and flashy gifts! You can avoid the Valentine’s Day crowd by wining and dining your partner at home. Dim the lights, buy some high quality ingredients, and cook their favorite foods. You can even dress up for the occasion! The effort you put into creating the perfect environment at home can be just as romantic as an expensive dinner out. Not to mention it saves on gas, cuts down on stress, and is a whole lot cozier.

2. Make it efficient
If your Valentine is more into practical gifts, consider getting them a handy new appliance with an ENERGY STAR certification. These products are guaranteed to save energy while maintaining the high quality that customers expect from their devices. Anything from dishwashers to televisions can have an ENERGY STAR label, and they save you money in the long run by cutting down operating costs through energy efficient technology.

3. Think local…
The most meaningful gifts are often those that make a difference right where you are. Does your significant other have a green thumb? Save the bees together by planting honeybee-friendly wildflowers in your neighborhood. Who needs roses when you’ve got a garden to yourself? You can also try visiting your local farmer’s market for delicious, seasonal products and artisan crafts. You’ll catch a break from harmful chemicals and industrialized farming, and you’ll be supporting small businesses while you’re at it.

4. …Or go global.
It’s good to remember that our purchases affect people both near and far. Some Valentine’s Day staples, like chocolate and roses, are known to come from vulnerable communities across the world. Look for florists with Rainforest Alliance and Flor Ecuador certificates, which support companies with ethical and sustainable business practices. Buying Fair Trade certified chocolates ensures that workers are paid fairly for their labor. Another great idea is to support indigenous artists by buying from this list of expert craftsmen, jewelry makers, fashion designers, and more.

In the end, the best kind of gift is one that shows how much you care. Let’s give the earth a little love this Valentine’s Day!


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