• About SmartEnergy
    Who is SmartEnergy?

    SmartEnergy is an independent electricity supplier committed to providing customers with 100% renewable energy, affordable rates, and excellent customer service. Due to the deregulation of energy markets, SmartEnergy can purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) while seeking to provide real value to our customers. Our renewable resources include solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy, making us a cleaner option for both your home and our planet.

    Is SmartEnergy a utility company?

    No, SmartEnergy is not a utility company. We are an independent electric supplier.

    Where does SmartEnergy offer service?

    SmartEnergy is currently licensed to supply electricity in Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, Texas, Maine, New York, and Washington D.C. with plans to expand service into other deregulated natural gas and electric markets.

    Where does SmartEnergy purchase its power?

    Through careful daily evaluation of energy market prices, SmartEnergy purchases electricity along with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). We then supply the electricity to your local utility company who delivers it to your home.

    Can you notify me when your services are available in my state?

    Yes. Call or email us to be added to our service list and we’ll notify you once SmartEnergy services become available in your area.

    Is my personal information secure on the SmartEnergy website?

    Yes, your personal information will not be shared with other third parties without your permission. In addition, SmartEnergy cannot guarantee that information sent via email over the internet is secure and will not be intercepted by third parties.”

  • Customer Billing
    How much will SmartEnergy supply cost?

    The actual amount an individual SmartEnergy customer will pay per kWh may vary depending upon their rate class and seasonal usage pattern. Please call us so we can review your account information, which is located on your utility bill.

    Will SmartEnergy send me a billing statement?

    No, you still only receive one monthly bill from your local utility. The bill will include itemized details of your local utility fees and charges, along with your SmartEnergy rate and energy consumed during the applicable billing cycle. Please be aware that the rate we offer may not include taxes and will not include local utility fees or delivery charges. Sales and use tax will be assessed and identified as charges on the SmartEnergy supply portion of your local utility bill.

  • Energy deregulation
    What is energy deregulation?

    Deregulation is the process of a government removing or reducing restrictions within an industry with the intent of encouraging efficiency and competition in markets. Today, about half of the states have enacted some form of energy deregulation, which means the traditional monopoly structure for supplying electricity is open to competing suppliers like SmartEnergy.

    How does deregulation benefit me?

    Deregulation of the energy industry allows residential and commercial customers to choose a supplier for electricity generation other than your local utility. This makes it possible for independent electric supply companies like SmartEnergy to purchase electricity at wholesale prices as well as select only 100% renewable sources for their products, giving you the power to choose a greener option. And because your local utility will continue delivering your electricity, you’ll experience the same trusted service you’ve come to rely on as well as access to greener energy options and excellent customer service.

  • Switching to SmartEnergy
    How do I sign up with SmartEnergy?

    Simply have your most recent electricity bill available. You can sign up online or call 1-800-443-4440 to speak with a Customer Service representative.

    Can anyone sign up for SmartEnergy?

    Any homeowner or small business in our service area is eligible to purchase their power from SmartEnergy.

    Will I be charged a fee to switch to SmartEnergy?

    No, SmartEnergy doesn’t charge an enrollment or start-up fee.

    Will switching to SmartEnergy cause any disruption in my service?

    No, your utility provider will continue delivering electricity to your home with no interruptions.

    Do I need to let my utility company know that I’ve agreed to receive my energy supply from SmartEnergy?

    No, once you’ve agreed to sign up for a SmartEnergy rate plan, we’ll contact the local utility company on your behalf. You can expect to receive a notice from your local utility company confirming your intent to switch your supply service to SmartEnergy.

    Will SmartEnergy need to install new electrical meters and wires?

    No, there will be no new equipment needed when you sign up for SmartEnergy.

    What if I have an emergency situation or power outage?

    Your utility company will continue to respond to service interruptions, power outages, and repairs.

    Can SmartEnergy shut off my power?

    No, only your local utility is authorized to turn off your power, except if you’re a customer in the state of Texas.

  • Emergency or Power Outage
    For emergency assistance or to report a power outage please call your local utility