Environmental Benefits

A better tomorrow starts with cleaner energy today.

The Cleaner Energy Option

Did you know that the production of electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the country? Fortunately, SmartEnergy offers high-quality and affordable renewable energy that is better for the environment. While each state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards require that electricity suppliers source a certain amount of their energy from clean energy sources, SmartEnergy goes a step further by offering 100% renewable energy. By choosing SmartEnergy as your electricity provider, you’ll be able to help the planet without hurting your budget.

SmartEnergy & the Arbor Day Foundation

For every new customer, SmartEnergy will support the planting of a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation. These trees will be planted by foundation members in your state, resulting in cleaner air, better storm-water management, and energy-saving shade for homes and businesses. It’s the gift that makes a lasting difference.


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