SmartEnergy for Your Business

Get more green energy for less.

When you choose SmartEnergy as your electric supplier, you’ll receive 100% renewable energy (and the bragging rights to go along with it). Studies have shown that businesses earn customer loyalty through social responsibility. What better way to care for your customers than by investing in the health, cleanliness, and safety of our planet? SmartEnergy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) at wholesale prices, seeking to pass the best value on to our customers. With no equipment necessary, no service interruption, and no enrollment fees, there’s never been a better time to try SmartEnergy.

How Smart Is SmartEnergy?

  • We Are a Cleaner Electricity Option

    SmartEnergy offers high-quality and affordable alternative energy that is better for the environment. Our 100% renewable product offsets carbon, sulfur, and nitrous oxide emissions as well as other pollutants that come from non-renewable electricity generation.


    By using SmartEnergy, a business with an annual electricity usage of 10,000 kWh can offset:
    Carbon Offset 12,220 lbs.
    Sulfur Offset 83.6 lbs.
    Nitrous Oxide Offset 36.6 lbs.

    In one year, your business could offset:

    • 14,095 miles of driving
    • or
    • A 50 watt light bulb left on for 23 years



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For more information on SmartEnergy, or to switch providers and get up to $150 CASH BONUS, please call 1-800-443-4440 or send us a message today.


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